Clomiphene: a story of drug development

Clomiphene: a story of drug development

Clomiphene holds the title of the best ovulation enhancing drug for more than fifty years. Although in recent years the amount of therapeutic medicine has increased significantly, doctors prefer to use a proven drug. The drug, developed in the 60s is still indispensable.

To learn how the medicine, that has helped millions of families to have children, was created read the following article.

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Origins of Clomiphene

The causes of female infertility remained a mystery to scientists around the world for years. Only in the mid-20th century, they managed to find out that the inability to have children is most often caused by anovulatory ovarian dysfunction.

Clomiphene was originally designed as a cure for menstrual disorders. However, during the studies researchers have found out that the drug stimulates ovulation and increases a woman's chances of getting pregnant. The first version of Clomiphene has been successfully tested on animals, but was still in need of improvement.

The drug`s modification took some time and in 1960 experts Kistner and Smith conducted the first test of the drug on humans. However, a group of women who participated in the clinical trial was not large enough to make any conclusion about its effectiveness and safety.

Research findings

A further analysis of the properties of Clomiphene was held by Greenblatt. These studies showed that the drug stimulates ovulation in approximately 80% of women, half of whom manage to get pregnant afterwards. Some experts question the results of earlier tests due to the imperfections of the technical base.

A more reliable drug testing was conducted by Dr. McGregor. About 6,700 women diagnosed with anovulation participated in the trials. Studies have shown that Clomiphene causes a release of the mature egg from the fallopian tube in 70% of cases. Pregnancy occurs in one third of women after the first regimen.

Acquisition of the patent

Since Clomiphene has been researched by several groups of scientists to determine the founder of the drug has not been easy. After several years of dispute the patent was awarded to Yale University. Important role in this was played by the work of doctors Florence Komichi and Paula Jensen have played an important role in this and were dedicated to the application of Clomiphene for predicting fertility in women.

The ovulation enhancing drug has been used for more than half a century for the treatment of female infertility. To this day Clomiphene is an indispensable tool in the treatment of a variety of disorders of the reproductive system. Throughout its existence the drug has helped many women to get rid of health problems and to have children.