Overdose of Clomiphene tablets

What to do in a case of an overdose?

Due to the inattentiveness or other reasons a woman may exceed the recommended dosage of Clomiphene. Taking large quantities of the drug poses a threat to health and leads to unpleasant problems. The consequences of an overdose of Clomiphene will be discussed further.

Clomid for Pregnant

A recommended dosage of Clomiphene

A starting dose of the drug is 50mg (1 pill) daily. The medicine should be taken for duration of 5 days. Thus, during the treatment the woman is taking in sum 250 mg of the drug. During the second and subsequent courses of treatment the dosage is usually doubled. The duration of therapy also increases by 1 day. A general dose of Clomiphene is 600 mg. Depending on the patient's health status and response of the organism to the drug, a physician can change the dosage.

Symptoms of an overdose occur if a patient takes more than 750 mg during the 6 days period. An overflow of Clomiphene in the body leads to the appearance of side effects and reduces the therapy`s efficiency. For this reason, one should carefully calculate how much medication is being absorbed by the body.

Aftermath of a clomiphene overdose

An abuse of medication for ovulation stimulation leads to a deterioration of the patient's health. This often causes unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and flushing. Blurred vision may occur in rare cases. The disorder however is reversible if therapeutic measures have been taken in time.

What to do about an overdose?

It is recommended to go to a hospital right away if the disorders typical for a Clomiphene overdose appear. Only a doctor can determine whether the worsening of a patient`s health is caused by the medication or has some other unrelated origins.

Standard methods of getting the drugs out of the system (gastric lavage, administration of an antidote or dialysis) are not effective for an overdose of Clomiphene. If the patient has taken too much of the drug one should apply symptomatic treatment.

In addition, it is necessary to stop taking Clomiphene for a while. However the drug can be taken again during the next menstrual cycle.

Women who take Clomiphene or are just going to resort to this particular drug should not forget about its properties. The drug for ovulation stimulation affects the body's hormonal balance and function of the reproductive system. In order not to harm your health, it is necessary to comply with doctor's recommendations and instructions for the use of the drug.