Dosage of Clomiphene

The dosage of Clomiphene

Efficiency and safety of Clomiphene depends on a proper dosage. The correct amount of the drug stimulates an ovulation and increases the probability of conceiving a child, while the slightest inaccuracy can make it useless or even harmful to the health.

The following text will help you to avoid mistakes and choose a proper dosage of the drug for treatment of female infertility.

The first regimen

If a woman has never been treated with Clomiphene, the dosage is 50 mg. One should take Clomiphene once per day before going to bed.

The ovulation stimulant should be first taken on the fifth day of a menstrual cycle. At this time the female body is most susceptible to the effect of the drug. A course of treatment is 5 days. An ovulation usually occurs between the 11-th and the 15-th day of the menstrual cycle.

Further rules of administration

If there is no result after the first use of Clomiphene, the dosage of a drug should be increased. One should take 100 mg of Clomiphene per day, starting from the 5-th day of the next menstrual cycle.

Also, it is necessary to increase the duration of treatment. The refresher course of treatment lasts six days. A careful dose escalation significantly increases the chances of success. The ovulation should occur in the middle of a menstrual cycle.

Nevertheless, one should be prepared to face a failure. if the first attempt was unsuccessful one can use Clomiphene for the third time.

If Clomiphene failed to produce any results, a three-month break is required before a new course of therapy that includes Clomiphene. The dosage should be approved by a physician and should be based on the state of patient`s health and special features of the body.

Special remarks

The mentioned dosage of Clomiphene helps to cause ovulation in majority of women. However, in certain cases, it is needed to make adjustments in the dosage. The physician may set another dosage of a drug judging from the results of a medical exam. Changes during the treatment may be caused by insufficient reactions to Clomiphene, the severity of a disease or other factors.

Apart from the dosage it is important to comply with the rules of administration and other recommendations. The detailed information on the use of Clomiphene can be found in the corresponding material: Clomid treatment day by day