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Clomiphene: Description and functions

Another hundred years ago the chances of becoming a mother for a woman suffering from anovulation were extremely small. But in the 60ies of the twentieth century a drug has been discovered that could successfully cope with the disorder and made it possible for a woman to conceive a child. The drug, that soon has blessed hundreds of thousands of families with an offspring, is called "clomiphene".

What is Clomiphene?

To understand the purpose of Clomiphene, you must first understand the mechanism of the female ovulation. A normal course of this process requires a stable release of gonadotropins - hormones that ensure the normal functioning of the sexual glands. In the body of a healthy woman the content of active substances is balanced, therefore there are no problems with the maturation of the ovule.

Abnormalities during the ovulation process may occur due to high levels of estrogen. Female sex hormones block the effects of gonadotropins and prohibit the normal maturation of the egg and its exit from the fallopian tube. As a result, a woman`s chances for a pregnancy are significantly reduced.

Clomiphene is a drug from the antiestrogens group. The drug prevents the release and effects of female sex hormones. Furthermore, Clomiphene activates the hypothalamus and ovaries, increasing the content of gonadotropins. The drug stimulates ovulation and ensures the normal process flow.

When is Clomiphene used?

clomid fertility drug

Clomiphene is prescribed for the following diseases:

  • Anovulatory ovarian dysfunction;
  • Functional abnormality of the hypothalamus, which leads to hormonal imbalance;
  • Oligomenorrhea (infrequent menstruation that last longer than usual);
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS);
  • Galactorrhea that is caused by non-oncologic factors;
  • Hyperprolactinaemia.

Furthermore, Clomiphene is used as a support drug in breast cancer.

The drug can also be used for women with no health problems in order to improve the chances of getting pregnant. The drug improves the function of the body's reproductive system and increases the likelihood of conceiving a child.

In some cases the use of clomiphene for men can be justified. The drug is prescribed for the treatment of a number of disorders:

  • Adrogen deficiency (lack of adrogenic activity in the body);
  • Oligospermia (unsufficient dischargeof ejaculate);
  • Delayed puberty and physical development in adolescents.

Yet the main purpose of Clomiphene is a stimulation of ovulation and increasing of the reproductive ability in women. Due to the drug a lot of women were able to overcome infertility and give birth to a healthy child.

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